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Match Of The Dead 2


The concluding part of Dispatches’ zombie epic.

What took place at that grand old stadium was the first implementation of what would later be called the Cameron Doctrine; the process of barricading and isolating mass zombie outbreaks and letting each man, woman and child fend for themselves.

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Match Of The Dead


Inspired by Max Brooks’ World War Z

The field is barren, reminiscent of the wastelands that left their pock-marked prints on battlefields across Europe, once humanity had summoned the resilience to reclaim what had once been its own. The walking dead have left their presence. Parents rarely let their children play beyond earshot for fear of a stray remnant of the zombie horde finding its way through the heavily fortified perimeter fences of the coast. However, as the years begin to allow memories of loss and terror to fade, the people in this small pocket of what was the United Kingdom have tentatively allowed themselves the small luxury of resurrecting fondly remembered leisure pursuits.

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