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One Spurs Fan, One Sofa And 43 Stories About Football


Arsene Wenger as Walter White, David Moyes as Jesus Christ, Daniel Levy as a tooth, Jose Mourinho as a tramp and Tim Sherwood pretending to be a football manager. One pastry dish controversy, a scrap with David Baddiel and confessions of love for Arsenal and Garth Crooks. A tribute to a hero, a tribute to an anti-hero. Much pining for Gareth Bale and wondering what the hell is wrong with Manchester United. A 200th post. A plan for how to save football. A move to Greece. But more than any of that, the birth of one beautiful little boy. 

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Because I Support Spurs, I Must Hate Every Club

A Leeds United supporter gestures towards the away fans-809756

(or The Damaging Effects of Football Tribalism)

Here’s a thing. I actually feel sorry for Arsene Wenger for the incessant criticism he has received from sections of Arsenal’s support. I also admire Jose Mourinho’s ability to usually outthink his managerial counterparts. As for Liverpool, they’ve been thrilling to watch and Steven Gerrard thoroughly deserves to be holding the Premier League trophy aloft in a few weeks time.

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The Black And White World Of England Captain Sol Campbell


Perhaps I’m not the best person to write this post because I clearly have a subjective stance with regard to Sol Campbell. After all, as a Spurs supporter, even after all these years, his defection to Arsenal remains one of the most odious acts of skullduggery committed during this era in football we like to describe as Modern.

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Arsenal Are Specialists In Success, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


Unpredictable Predictability, Vol.4

Arsene Wenger, and thus by association Arsenal, is a specialist in failure. I know this because Jose said so. This truth does not of course consider the fact that Wenger is the Premier League’s most enduring manager. Nor does it take into account Wenger’s haul of trophies during this period in Arsenal’s history.  And as for the reality that the club had to make repayments on a new stadium whilst Chelsea and Manchester City were financially and cosmetically transformed into Godzilla-like mutations during this time, is something that should be conveniently filed away in the recesses of memory.

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Manuel Pellegrini And The Manchester City Dwarves


The Fourth Dispatches From A Football Sofa Christmas Special 

Football fans are full of festive cheer up and down the land as once again pantomime fever takes hold. There’s something on offer for every member of the family. Some fruitiness, some laughter, a few songs, vile villains and all wrapped up in ninety minutes for you to then go out and panic buy a pair of socks for Uncle Jim. Here then, for your amusement and delectation is a round-up of some the finest productions currently doing the seasonal circuit in the Greatest League In The World.

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I Heart Arsenal: A Spurs Fan’s Confession


The following should be read with the understanding that it has been written within the grip of a serious case of sleep deprivation brought on by a three week old’s refusal to conform to a recognisable sleeping routine. Therefore, much of it can be discounted and dismissed as the ramblings of a man who needs a full eight hours’ unbroken shuteye…

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What The Hell Is Right With Southampton?

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 21.58.54

(Or The Loneliness Of The Inveterate Football Blogger)

Hindsight, so the saying goes, is a wonderful thing. I find that too kind a sentiment. I liken it more to being the last refuge of the smugly-inclined*. The erstwhile dispenser of opinion cannot predict the future and armed only with the facts can only make a judgment call within the parameters of the here and now. It’s much easier to pick holes in a theory after the event, once time has passed and matters have irrevocably proved you wrong. It is then and then only, that the commentator must exercise humility and acknowledge one’s short-sightedness, free of the braying of those who declined to put their proverbial money where their mouth is in the first place.

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Breaking Arsenal: The Walter Wenger Story

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 02.33.07

Breaking Bad. Everybody’s talking about it. What you may not know however, is that Vince Gilligan didn’t always have the modern fable of Mr Chips meeting Scarface in mind when he wrote it. Dispatches From A Football Sofa can ‘exclusively’ reveal that the story of Walter Hartwell White could have taken a very different turn. Here are the original Breaking Arsenal pitches, season by season.

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Show Me The Money: Why Footballers Are Worth It


No sooner had the inevitable record-breaking departure of Gareth Bale from Spurs to Real Madrid been announced than the equally inevitable denunciations of his reported weekly wage began on social media. It followed the usual emotive and specious thread seeing Bale cast as some kind of materialistic pariah who should be ashamed of the vast sums of cash swelling his bank account at (more than likely now) Santander. How dare he accept the riches afforded him by the wealthiest and most illustrious club in world football! Think of the nurses, the teachers and the soldiers who toil every day for little reward. He should be donating his…

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The 2012/13 Dispatches

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 19.46.14

Nine months, forty-one posts, a lot of very happy Evertonians, some very angry West Ham fans, politics, economics, religion, a Black Mirror and a bit of Chas ‘n’ Dave. And there are some out there who think that football is pointless. All this season’s Dispatches in one tidy little post. Don’t ever say, I don’t treat you. Enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. All the best, Greg.

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