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The Destruction Of A Forest by Joe Sharratt

Forest illustration

When you think about Nottingham Forest, you think about those glorious moments that Brian Clough brought to the club. Sadly, those memories are rapidly fading. Joe Sharratt continues this week’s theme of mourning the demise of once great football institutions.

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Nick Hornby Ruined My Life

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Dispatch No. 100

If you want someone to blame for the ninety-nine Dispatches that have preceded this one, blame Nick Hornby. It was never meant to last this long, you know. It was just something to have a bit of fun with. You weren’t meant to read any of these things I’ve written. I’m riddled by my own obsession with putting a semi-cogent piece of writing together every Sunday. And to cap it all off, an Arsenal fan has done this to me.

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The 2010/11 Dispatches



Back To The Future

Chelsea Dagger

League Of Faith


In Memoriam

Reality Cheque

Taking The Mick

Walking Alone


Leading The Pack

Everything Must Go

Schoolboys Own Stuff

All Things Must Pass

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Mind Your Language


Despite being seriously overworked this week and in desperate need of an early night, it was nigh-on impossible to allow myself to settle down under the duvet with a good read on Wednesday night until I’d seen the highlights and post-match reaction to Blackpool’s historic win over a shambolic Liverpool side. This enforced apnoea had nothing to do with how Liverpool’s rapid descent into the footballing twilight zone was to be dissected with yet more non-confrontational and placid pronouncements from ‘King’ Kenny. It had everything to do with one man who has single-handedly transformed the post-match interview and has become more essential in viewing terms than any of his opposite numbers in the media-conscious summit of the Premier League. Take a bow, Ian Holloway.

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Homage To Catalonia

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Note: This Dispatch is replete with superlatives. Apologies.

It’s Wednesday, I know. Dispatches comes out on Sundays. But there are some times in life when traditions need to be subverted. What needs to be said couldn’t wait until the end of the week. We’d all be too concerned with the fallout of England’s failed/successful (delete where applicable) bid to host the World Cup. We’d all be salivating at a second virtuoso display in the space of a week from Dimitar Berbatov. Or hailing Ian Holloway’s abrasive style of man-management as his Blackpool team laid a buoyant Manchester United to the sword. Football, like life moves very fast… is it really nearly Christmas?

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Back to the Future

The commencement of a new domestic season after a World Cup traditionally brought with it the excitement and anticipation of prospective marquee signings of players who shone on the world’s biggest stage. This has regrettably failed to materialise this year, despite Manchester City’s best efforts, and the dominant mood is one that points towards a deeper malaise which the game in England now finds itself in.

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