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Mandela’s Game: Keane, Vieira & The Cult Of Me

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Those ancient Greeks knew a thing or two. Take the story of Narcissus. A vain boy so full of himself that upon coming across his reflection in a pool of water he falls in love immediately with what he sees. Transpose that a few thousand years and the lad would be posting a ‘selfie’ on Twitter with an added sad face, hashtagging #RIPNELSONMANDELA.

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Yet Another John Terry Piece


I feel a little like the despairing Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Part III this week. That famous quote has been lodged in my head since the FA decided to hand the incomparable John Terry a four match ban and a week’s wages in fines for racially abusing a fellow professional on Thursday.

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Marriage of Inconvenience


A year ago, soundtracked by a score of ethereal tranquillity and the desolate scattering of rustling papers in the wind, Nick Clegg went for a walk across this country’s dales and tower blocks. He looked us square in the eye and decried that politics had let us all down. He called it “a trail of broken promises” and he vowed that should we vote for him and his party, fairness would be restored to a society that had been ravaged by the gluttony of the Thatcher years and the self-serving transparency of the Blair era. He believed his words and so did I.

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Won’t Get Fooled Again?


I was labelled ‘cynical’ this week. In my opinion unfairly so. Because as I understand the term, a ‘cynic’ is someone who readily dismisses subjects and topics with an air of negativity and a lack of faith. A cynic is someone who participates in a grown-up discussion about a particular theme but stifles any possible outcome with sneering suspicion. In short, a cynic for me, is the kind of person who plugs up his earholes with his fingers and says ‘no’. If people are so keen to attach labels to others, than the term I would give myself is that of a ‘pessimistic optimist’.

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“Honduras! Where’s that, sir?” That was the reaction I got when one of my tutees pulled out the Central Americans in our form’s World Cup sweepstake on the eve of the World Cup last week. My initial thought was to decry the National Curriculum’s insistence on teaching the intricacies of soil erosion and not basic geographical knowledge but being a professional educator, I kept my lip buttoned and rationally pointed out where it could be found on the map. Needless to say, all I received for this bout of spontaneous educating was a shrug of adolescent shoulders and a curt yet knowing dismissal of “Well, what’s the point in supporting them? They’re never going to win!”. Teenaged boys, they’re all about the winning.

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