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Arsenal Are Specialists In Success, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat


Unpredictable Predictability, Vol.4

Arsene Wenger, and thus by association Arsenal, is a specialist in failure. I know this because Jose said so. This truth does not of course consider the fact that Wenger is the Premier League’s most enduring manager. Nor does it take into account Wenger’s haul of trophies during this period in Arsenal’s history.  And as for the reality that the club had to make repayments on a new stadium whilst Chelsea and Manchester City were financially and cosmetically transformed into Godzilla-like mutations during this time, is something that should be conveniently filed away in the recesses of memory.

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Manchester City Didn’t Ruin Football, Heat Maps Did


(or This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours)

Last week was bookended by the passings of two notable figures in the worlds of academia and football. Any attempt to eulogise the influences on popular consciousness of both Stuart Hall and Sir Tom Finney would do very little to provide an adequate summation of their two lives and therefore, I won’t.

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This Is Not A Chelsea Post

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 21.40.22

Dispatch No. 200

Two hundred in and I’ve got to write something momentous. Something commemorative. Wise, truthful and sincere. Time though, is running out. I’ve got an Arsenal blogger fantasising about disemboweling me and I’m worried about stringing words together. I mean, you’re all busy people. What can I possibly say that will make you look at football slightly differently this week? How can I provoke you? Make you laugh? Deliver.

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I Don’t Believe In Sherwood, I Just Believe In Spurs


This, or words to this effect, will inevitably appear in a club statement at some point in the future:

“Tottenham Hotspur and Head Coach Tim Sherwood have decided to part company with immediate effect. The club would like to thank him for his efforts during his time at White Hart Lane but it is mutually agreed that the club needs to embark on a different direction that will allow it to achieve the goals that everybody associated with Tottenham Hotspur desires. The club wishes Tim all the best in his future endeavours.”

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