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Redknapp and Benitez: Oh, What A Carry On!


Farce: A light dramatic work in which highly improbable plot situations, exaggerated characters, and often slapstick elements are used for humorous effect.

A staple of bank holiday weekends when I was growing up, being a child that watched far too much television than was perhaps good for him, was the very British institution that were the Carry On films.

It’s probably not the done thing to say in these far more empathetically sophisticated and consequently slightly blander times but I adore these minor gems. They perform the function of celluloid time capsules, reflecting as they do the mores and humour of a time long gone. The film analysis, however, can wait for another time.

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Luis Suarez: The Making Of A Very Modern Folk Devil


The irony of seeing Luis Suarez leaving John Terry crumpled on the Stamford Bridge pitch last Sunday would not have been lost on many seasoned football watchers. Here in microcosm was the coming together of the two most, rightly or wrongly, vilified footballers of recent times. Clash of the ‘Racists’, if you will. That Terry came off the worst in this contretemps could be seen as poetic justice to the generally held view that his punishment for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand was not as severe as Suarez’s own ban for a similar incident.

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The Audacity of Hope: Obama, Celtic and The Romance of Victory

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He may not have cured all of America’s economic woes. He may not have made good on his promise to shut down the travesty of human injustice that is Guantanamo Bay. Hell, he may not have even walked on water at any point during his first term in office. Nevertheless, with his ultimately resounding victory in Tuesday’s presidential election and his subsequent victory speech, Barack Obama managed to re-ignite the one thing that so many people in the world heaped upon his heavily burdened shoulders for the last four years: hope.

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Exclusive: Chelsea Sign King of Spin


Not a week after he sensationally turned his back on politics, potty-mouthed New Labour spin doctor Malcolm Tucker was revealed to have taken up a consultancy position managing the public relations wing of Chelsea Football Club, The Daily Scum can report.

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