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Brett Atkinson, Manchester United fan, Bristol



Extinguishing The Olympic Myth

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It’s because of football that the country’s economy has crashed. Because of football, the basic manners of this nation’s youth have receded into the whirring newsreels of the 1950s as children run amuck, looting our shops and spitting on our streets. It’s football’s fault that the very fabric of Western culture is collapsing before our very eyes as we all worship at the Church of Cowell and instant celebrity is the thing we all aspire to or at least live our lives through vicariously. If it wasn’t for football, we…

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The Soothing Banality Of Football

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This is not the post I had anticipated writing as my season opener. I had planned to kick it all off again with an essay entitled The Season After The Season Before in which I lamented the unfairness of Spurs’ omission from the Champions League after Chelsea’s elevation to European football’s zenith. At the time I had never experienced anything quite as heartbreaking. I even cried as Bayern Munich continually and wantonly threw away every match-winning chance they were presented with.

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